High quality research and products that leverage new technologies to give our clients answers to their most pressing questions.


Our Methods

  • We utilize sound project management practices that provide clear goals and milestones. We manage risk through transparent communications and decision-making processes. 

  • We leverage advances in technology to provide cutting-edge tools and capacity to organizations that would otherwise be unable to access the highest levels of technical expertise and technology.

  • We combine unique talents tailored to suit each project.


Our Products


SocioEconomic Impact Assessments

We take a different approach to socioeconomic impact assessments – we have developed a process through which communities are able to identify for themselves the valued components (VCs) that should be included in the impact assessment, instead of assigning VCs as is commonly done.  We believe that VCs are unique to each community and that allowing for communities to determine their own values is necessary to estimate socioeconomic impacts.

Custom Database Solutions

We have designed and implemented custom database solutions for organizations across Canada including First Nations governments, and provincial and territorial organizations.  We specialize in custom, online, hosted solutions designed to facilitate data entry, reporting, and the use of mobile technologies in organization’s data management systems.

Custom Statistical Analysis

A cornerstone to the services we provide – custom data analysis and visualization projects let our technical team shine.  We are data scientists with experience in many data types including biological, chemical, climate, economic, and demographic data.  Our data analysis and visualization projects have included everything from interactive maps showing how barriers to employment change across Canada, to employing the latest Bayesian statistical techniques to examine productivity trends in Pacific Salmon.

Demographic Forecasting

We have developed an exclusive population projection model designed specifically for Canada’s First Nations. The first of its kind, it produces stochastic forecasts inclusive of the relevant legislative mechanisms important for forecasting Canada’s First Nations populations. The model has been peer reviewed and approved by Statistics Canada’s Demography Division. This model will allow us to estimate many relevant future demographic rates for First Nations including: the labour supply, dependency ratio, childcare needs, and educational enrolment.   The model has recently been modified to produce projections for non-First Nations and First Nations communities who are experiencing growth due to natural resource development.

Data visualizations

We employe the latest tools to produce clear, communicative data visualizations, from traditional visual data representations to dynamic word clouds and interactive D3.js-based visualizations.